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the Story behind us

" Its always not the exercise that put people off, but the distance and time it takes to get to the studio or gym."

At Brisbane Rooftop Yoga, our vision is to bring the community together! Letting neighbors know each other through rooftop yoga practices, we create a community just right at your rooftop!  We aim to help you improve your fitness level and your mental “grit” by making it easy to access. So that, you will have less excuse to exercise. A few second through the lift will take you to a brand new active lifestyle! 

May Yuen

May was born in Hong Kong and came to Australia in 2012 to pursue Media and Communication at QUT.

“As an immigrant in Australia with my parents and family far away from me, I understand the importance of community and neighbourhood,” she said. “Back in Hong Kong, we all live in high rise buildings and most of the time we don’t talk to each other which generates isolation and individualism in society.”

“The idea comes from my home town in Hong Kong where, back in the 50s and 60s, Kung Fu masters practiced with their students on the rooftops and the aim of it was to build a community, improve lifestyles and get healthy together,” May said. “By starting Brisbane Rooftop Yoga, I hope to start a platform to encourage conversations in the building, encourage residents to talk to each other and create a community.”


"My 350hr Teacher Training Course is registered with Yoga Australia."

350hr level 1 yoga teachedr

Vinyasa Class

Vinyasa Flow is a dynamic practice that include physical movement and breathing practice. The sequence is focusing on body and mind.


Hatha Class

Hatha Yoga is a gentle movement include a pranayama breathing practice at the beginning. Find a calm and relaxing mind through an hour slow practice. 


Power Flow Class

Looking for a fast moving and core strengthening class? This is it! Make sure you keep yourself hydrate during class. Of course, child pose is always there for you. 


learn how to treat yourself better today.

We believe that practicing yoga on the rooftop, students would be more connected to the sky, to the environment around us thus making us more mindful and thankful to ourselves.


Asana is a Sanskrit word which means sit still. We use this term to refer to ‘yoga pose’. In our yoga practice, we will focus on a set of asana practice. 


Pranayama refers to breathing technique. Practicing yoga with breathing rhythm to maximize the benefit and reach stillness. 

Join the community

Brisbane Rooftop Yoga is not just another yoga class, but with the passion to bring students together and build the neighborhood community.

I enjoyed the yoga class at my rooftop with Brisbane Rooftop Yoga. The practice was challenging but super fun!
Ellson Yap
It has been an absolute amazing class with Brisbane Rooftop Yoga. It is hard to beat the morning blues but it is worthwhile.
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Thanks May for providing such an amazing yoga flow in the early morning. We love the vibe of the class and it energizes our morning!
ting y student
Ting Yang

action speaks louder than words